The only authorized manufacturer and wholesaler of Zipscreen Blinds by Acmeda. These systems have their strengths and weaknesses. Zipscreen Blinds are designed in South Australian company. This company majorly manufactured Roller Shutters and External shading system. The Zipscreen design was inspired by people’s needs to close gaps with a system that is easy to operate.

Nonetheless, at the time it seemed complex and unoriginal because it was manufactured using parts already available on the market. Over time, plastic and bracket components were used to manufacture these systems. 6 years ago, manufacturers realized the need to use these systems in the market. In these six years, Stan Bond has manufactured Zipscreen Café Blinds in mesh and clear PVC fabric that have become quite popular. These two materials have become the most dominant in the market.

These systems were specifically manufactured for the South Australian conditions. Zipscreen outdoor blinds are manufactured by Acmeda. The company is known worldwide for the production of exemplary quality flexible designs at affordable costs. The Zipscreen blinds were released into the market about two years ago. The first version had some small issues that were resolved with the release of the second version.

The Zipscreen blind is held firmly in position using a Cordura tape that is known as Kedar. This tape is usually welded to the fabric using a high frequency. The Cordura is presently available in Primrose, white, beige, and black. However, black fades in most cases making it attain dark charcoal color. The tape is quite strong hence the Zipscreen fabric held tightly in the channel.

The Zipscreen is highly advantageous because it tightens the fabric more than the Zipscreen system. Furthermore, the round Kedar does not jam a lot in the windy conditions when a Motor is used. The major shortcoming is that the Zipscreen is highly visible thus one needs to choose a color that blends with their surroundings. The dark colors will fade over time, and the lighter ones often become dirty with no good cleaning option.

The Zipscreen blind is firmly held in position by a small zip. However, there is actual zipper except for a one-sided 5mm zip. The zip comes only in black and cream and is high frequency welded to the fabric. Since it is a bit more slippery than the Cordura, its operation is fairly lighter in fair conditions. When exposed to wind pressure, the zip tends to jam or stick more easily. Thus, when it is motorized, it tends to stick out more.

The Zipscreen is advantageous in that it is not easily visible since it is only welded on one side of the fabric. The zip also remains hidden within the zip screen channels. The shortcomings arise when it jams due to exposure to wind pressure on the fabric. Also, the Zipscreen blind jams due to house movement and poor installation hence it does not operate as smoothly as the Zipscreen.