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Top Benefits Of Awnings

Top benefits you can receive from Brisbane awnings: Having an awning on your home or over your patio can be a luxury and one of the perfect ways that you can relax and enjoy the outdoors. Awnings can not only provide you with more protection from the elements but create more usable outdoor space for you and your family. Awnings for homes are a great solution for enjoying the outdoors and very reasonable to install. Here are some of the top benefits you can experience from a Brisbane Awning installation: Less need for sunscreen: Having added protection from the sun can help to keep you and your family healthy. Using more outdoor space and keeping out the sun’s harmful rays is a wonderful thing. You can not only protect your skin from UV damage but it’s possible that shade from an awning can lower the temperature by 10 or more degrees.  UV damage can affect your patio furniture and window shades as well. An awning will prevent these common staples of your back windows and patio from damage/fading colors. Saving energy: Installing an awning can cut down on your air conditioning budget considerably. Awnings can reduce the heat gain by 60% in the area they are installed on your home. This can mean you could reduce your air conditioning bill by 30-50% on a smaller home. Protection from the rain: Enjoying outdoor spaces even in a light drizzle becomes very possible with the help of an awning. Rain water simply rolls off the surface and the awning is highly resistant to water stains and mildew. Improving your curb appeal:... read more


The only authorized manufacturer and wholesaler of Zipscreen Blinds by Acmeda. These systems have their strengths and weaknesses. Zipscreen Blinds are designed in South Australian company. This company majorly manufactured Roller Shutters and External shading system. The Zipscreen design was inspired by people’s needs to close gaps with a system that is easy to operate. Nonetheless, at the time it seemed complex and unoriginal because it was manufactured using parts already available on the market. Over time, plastic and bracket components were used to manufacture these systems. 6 years ago, manufacturers realized the need to use these systems in the market. In these six years, Stan Bond has manufactured Zipscreen Café Blinds in mesh and clear PVC fabric that have become quite popular. These two materials have become the most dominant in the market. These systems were specifically manufactured for the South Australian conditions. Zipscreen outdoor blinds are manufactured by Acmeda. The company is known worldwide for the production of exemplary quality flexible designs at affordable costs. The Zipscreen blinds were released into the market about two years ago. The first version had some small issues that were resolved with the release of the second version. The Zipscreen blind is held firmly in position using a Cordura tape that is known as Kedar. This tape is usually welded to the fabric using a high frequency. The Cordura is presently available in Primrose, white, beige, and black. However, black fades in most cases making it attain dark charcoal color. The tape is quite strong hence the Zipscreen fabric held tightly in the channel. The Zipscreen is highly advantageous because it tightens the fabric more than... read more

Protect Your house with Sun Shades

Sunlight is a wonderful gift from Mother Nature; each sunrise is welcomed with applause as it represents a new beginning. However, if not well regulated it can be the source of discomfort in your house. Excess sunlight can cause a rise in temperature in your house. Today there are various methods devised to cope with excess sunlight in the house. One of them is the use of blinds to limit excessive sunlight penetration. There are several types of blinds available today, and they include; Exterior shades; reduce the interior temperature of your home by acquiring exterior shades from outdoor blinds Brisbane. Vertical blinds; give patio door a refreshed look using vertical blinds. Brisbane Awnings and blinds have the perfect vertical for your space that is durable, easy to clean and offer perfect light control. Roller/Solar Shades; transform your open living space to a haven of peace and comfort with roller shades from outdoor roller blinds Brisbane. These shades use a rope to roll them up and down or from side to side. There are various benefits to protecting your house with sunshades. They include; Protection from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays; ultraviolet rays from the sun have been scientifically proven to cause cancer. Having sunshades ensures that you are safe from these harmful rays Reduced energy cost; air conditioning systems are responsible for a large percentage of a household energy bill. However, you can reverse this by protecting your living space from direct sunlight. Better aesthetic value; sunshades offer you the opportunity to improve the appearance of your house. Sun shades come in different colours and designs that match... read more
The Benefits of a Sunshade System

The Benefits of a Sunshade System

There are many benefits to having an external sunshade system installed at your home or business. First, you will get protection from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. These rays have been shown to cause cancer in some instances. Also, choosing to install sunshades will help reduce the cost of energy bills. You will not have to use your air conditioner as much when you have external sunshades at your home or business. Having a nice window louvers exterior can be one of the most important investments you make to your home or office. Transforming An Area Retractable shades can transform any area into a shaded oasis. They offer quality protection from the damages that can be caused by the sun. You can add shade to virtually any outdoor area with these motorized window shade systems. They will also give you an added sense of privacy for your home or office. Finally, adding these sun shades will enhance the overall value of your home or business. How They Improve A Business Sunshades can be a great idea if you are a business owner and are looking to decrease your energy costs during the summer months. They would be fantastic for restaurant owners who wish to add seating outside. People will be very comfortable dining under the shade of these external shade systems. These external sunshade systems could actually make money for your company by providing more shaded space for people to eat, while lowering your energy costs. Risks Of Sun Exposure It is estimated that one in five Australians will get skin cancer at some point in their lives. This... read more

Beautify and protect your house with Sun Shades

The sun can be harmful to you and your properties in so many ways. Because of its harsh rays, our skin and even the exterior features of our house are prone to the danger it can give. But it isn’t only the sun that can give serious damages to our homes. Changing weather, rains and snows can also be some of the elements and factors that can contribute to the inconveniences that can happen to our houses. One of the best remedies you can get to protect your house is sun shades. They are not only designed to shield your house from the sun. They were also made to protect the outer part of your house from heavy rains and snows. Besides the protection it can provide you, it can also serve as a decorative piece – almost like a touch of class on your front lawn. These outdoor shades are installed like blinds too. You can place them along an overhanging roof, on the entire exterior of your house or above your windows. You can also choose from different kinds of sun shades. One kind is the Flat Shade. It is a structure that you connect right at your wall, providing a roof-like or flat structure sticking out from the exterior. The sloping type of sun shades is called a Slope Shade. This is usually made from fabric. The best advantage you can get from these types of sun shades is that they can block 95% of the harmful rays of the sun. Restaurants and cafes usually use these sun shades for their outdoor spaces because there are... read more